How DevOpsBox works

Check out how our solutions can improve your work environment from platform installation to application deployment.

1. Automatic application deployment

This is the key part of our platform. We’ve done what we can to keep the configuration process as simple as possible. Got any further suggestions how to improve it even more? Please, let us know!

If you want to learn more about the installation process, please go to the “DevOpsBox platform installation” section.

Deploy application
with DevOpsBox (5 min)

Bitbucket repository

Create a new repository in Bitbucket Cloud. We will call it “simple-app.” Then, clone it to your disk:
git clone

Simple application

You will need a simple dockerized application. If you don’t have one, just use nginx – it is enough for our Demo. However, we strongly advise you to create stateless applications that meet 12-factor rules ( While it is not necessary, it is a good practice.

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2. DevOpsBox platform installation

DevOpsBox installation is quite simple. It takes a few hours, mainly waiting for cloud provisioning. If you trust us and simply want to find out how our platform operates, feel free to skip this chapter and jump back to the “Automatic application deployment" section. If you are really curious, read ahead.

DevOpsBox platform
installation (4 min)


You will need a computer with:

  • Bash
  • Docker

All other dependencies are dockerized.

Bitbucket Cloud

Currently, the only supported version control system is Bitbucket Cloud. You will need:

  • app password with account, repository and project read permissions
  • ssh private key of a user with read-only permissions to all your repositories
  • warning
    Currently Bamboo supports only an old ssh key format with "-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----" header. You can generate it with "ssh-keygen -m PEM" command
  • git repository for box descriptors; it can be empty but at least one single commit is needed
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