Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have DevOps engineers in my company to use DevOpsBox platform?2023-11-29T12:22:26+00:00

You don’t need to have your own engineers, especially if you are planning to use DevOpsBox Platform for a brand new solution. If your company has a long history and existing applications require a lot of custom or completely external resources, we recommend you have at least two in-house DevOps engineers. We can provide implementation of all custom resources and train your engineers to create new customizations without our assistance.

Does DevOpsBox support multiple clouds at the same time?2023-11-29T12:22:51+00:00

Currently, we offer support to just one cloud; resources from other clouds can be accessed only as external integrations. However, we are planning to add full multi-cloud support as well as an option to distribute customer application to multiple cloud vendors simultaneously.

Cloud costs are completely unpredictable for me. Can your solution protect me against uncontrolled expenditure increases?2023-11-29T21:44:49+00:00

Of course! Our platform can separate users who can create new cloud resources from those who can’t. Additionally, we can alert you when you’ve exceeded the defined thresholds. A cloud cost prediction estimator is also in the works!

I have problems with logs and application monitoring. Usually, each new project creates its own tools, making consistent overall monitoring or adding logging solutions impossible. Can DevOpsBox help me with this?2023-11-29T21:45:20+00:00

DevOpsBox defines a few simple rules every project needs to meet. Our platform defines how applications should be released and how they should be configured for logging and metrics solutions. We offer logging and monitoring tools to all customers, so the data will be available to you as soon as you move your projects to our environment.

In my company we have a few microservice-based applications. Each of these projects created their own ecosystem helping them to communicate, secure, scale and discover single services. All those solutions are similar but a little different. Is there the same risk when we start to use DevOpsBox Platform?2023-11-29T21:45:44+00:00

One of our main goals is to provide a complete ecosystem for microservice application development. Our platform offers your team a complete set of tools and services so they can focus on the business development aspect of their services. without wasting time on the infrastructural/environmental problems. We will take care of security, logs, scaling, access rules, monitoring, service discovery, and many others so you don’t have to.

I am planning to start using microservice architecture. Do I need some infrastructure automation? Will DevOpsBox help?2023-11-29T21:46:04+00:00

Some people say „Do not even try to start doing microservices without a proper, automated infrastructure.” We couldn’t agree more, which is why we’ve launched the DevOpsBox project. Will it help? It is designed especially for that!

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